If you are planning for buying email addresses or use email marketing software to send bulk email, please be aware that it is going to serve your purpose a very little.

Lets go through the background of email marketing service. In the early days of email serve, we were waiting to get a mail in our inbox. Each & every mail was damn important to us. We read every line of that mail very carefully. But in today’s inbox, we get couple of folder auto created like Spam, Junk etc. Mail system automatically identify some mails as spam and send to those folder. Some of the mail we do not realize that it came to our mailbox. Marketer sending hell lot of mail to our mailbox everyday. We do not have much time to read every mail. So we prioritize. Others we send to junk folder or Trush. Because most of the sender is stranger to

Buying email addresses is bad, because –

  • A good number of addresses do not exist any more. Those are dead email addresses. So it gets bounced. If the number is high, there is a possibility that spam filter mechanism will treat you as spam sender.
  • You are stranger to a good portion of the receiver. So they ignore you. Rest de-prioritize you, so it never get opened. And if they continuously get email from you, they get annoyed. Which is not a good thing for your brand.
  • Good email addresses are not for sold. So, you didn’t win at the time of purchasing email addresses.

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So you end up with a very low number of open rate and insignificant number of click. When the global average open rate is 20-25% and click rate is 2-3%, what kind of result you are going to expect from this email marketing.

Hence, it is suggested to grow your own database of email and use that for email marketing. Moreover it is important to understand the kind of information your receiver expect from you before sending the mail. It is also crucial to understand what kind of mail subject you need to formulate to ensure that it is going to inbox, not the spam or junk folder. Finally, your mail construction strategy should trigger the click rate.

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