why do you need a website

If you are a professional or owning a small business, you need a website. Probably you heard this suggestion from many of your friends and well wishers. But why do you need a website?

7 Reasons Why You Need A Website


1. Your website is your virtual address: Why do you build a house or an office? Because you want people to come and meet you. In the era of globalization it is important to have a virtual address where people can meet you from anywhere of the world. Let the people reach you typing your address in the web browser or searching in Google. Hence, you need a website.

2. Let the world know about you: People want to know about you and your business. At the primary stage, all of them will not be willing to call or visit you. Your website can share the basic info about you or your business. Which will make them interested to call or visit you.

3. To express yourself: You or your business is expert in any specific area. You need to let the world know about your expertise.  A website is a good way to showcase your expertise.  You can showcase your expertise visually,  or in a blog format.

4. Connect with others: When you meet with a new person, you exchange your visiting card. Objective is to connect later by phone or email. A website can help you to collect email address to contact with them later. You can setup an auto email to send saying Thank you just after subscription. This is how you can exchange first email.

5. To find you when someone search: People search in search engine by name or by their need. If someone search you, you should be in Search Result Page (SRP). If someone search something that belong to your area of expertise,  still they should find you in first page of SRP.

6. Share your update: Time is moving. You and your business is also moving. Your friends or customer need to know your update. A website is a good and easy way to share your update with stakeholders.

7. Credibility: Last but not the least, a website helps you to build credibility on you or your business. If you have a website that is maintained properly, it will increse trust and credibility to others about you and your business.

Starting a website is not a big deal. But it is tougher to maintain.  If you are serious about your profession or your business,  you should be serious about your webebsite.

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