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Email marketing is not dead, rather it’s still one of the best strategy for conversion and build loyalty. But you have to play smartly to get a loyal user base. Hence, it is important to follow necessary steps to start email marketing.

Steps to start email marketing

Steps to start email marketing startegy


  1. Grow email list
  2. Email list Segmentation
    • Email that you want to send your subscribers need to be personalized. Therefore you need to do segmentation based on their demographic, sex, interest etc. Segementation is dependent on the business you do.
  3. Write email content
    • You need a attention grabbing subject to increase open rate. You should tell a story in the body. Again it should be precious and short. People do not like to read long story in mail. You can use necessary link that subscriber can click if they want to know more. A call for action is useful at end of the mail.
  4. Delivery schedule
    • Consistency is the key to be succeed in email marketing. You need to make a schedule for every group to send email regularly. Also identy the good time to send the email so that subscriber can give time to read the email. If you send the email in busy hour, they will probably open it and leave without reading the full mail.
  5. Answer replies
    • If any of your subscriber write to you, s/he should get a replay within 24 hours (if not less). So, check your mailbox every day and give time to replay. If you do not replay, people will think there is no human behind the system.
  6. Optimize
    • Optimization is important to ensure efficacy.  Your mail should be optimized for mobile device. Because lot of people now check their mail from mobile.
  7. Monitor and improve
    • Monitor the result of your email. Monitor open rate, Click, CTR, unsubscription rate etc. Remove unactive users from your email list. Undate segment based on their response.

Email marketing can deliver better return than many other marketing channel. But you need to use the channel carefully so that your mail doesn’t go to spam folder. Hence it is important to follow the steps to start email marketing for your business.

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