You started a small home business couple of days back. And your social media network and F&F helping you to earn as well. But you want to grow more. So how?

Yes, you need to get into conventional and non-conventional advertising world to expand your business. Hence you need to know how to promote your product/service in Facebook, Youtube and other promotional space.

Let me introduce some basic advertising methods to promote your small home business in youtube to expand your business.

Youtube Comment

Find some popular channels that talk about your kind of product or sevice. Then you watch their videos and give a proper comment on that video with a signoff where you are asking channel owner/ viewers to checkout your product. Please do not make a generic comment and paste it everywhere. Give a customized comment specific to that video.

influencer marketing for you small home business
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Browse youtube and find some popular youtube channel that talk about topics relevent to your business. Let’s say, you have a business of women clothes. So you need to find a channel that talk about female lifestyle. Now you contact with the channel owner making comment or sending message mentioning your intention to contact. If you can make a deal, he or she will make one or couple of videos to promote your product. Or the channel can place your message in his/her video as sponsored promotion. Good thing is you don’t need to make any video or ad for this kind of promotion.

Youtube Video Ad for Small Home Business
Youtube Youtube Ad

Video Advertising

You can create a video ad and make a campaign in google ads to run the ad as pre-load, in-stream or post-roll. There is a concept call Bumper ad that is a 6 second ad to go before a video start. Long video ad needs to be interesting to keep people watching it, otherwise they will skip it. If you are not good at making long video ad, you can create 6 second ad to talk straight about your product. Click here to get android video making app that can help you to create video ad straight fron your mobile. Write me in comment if you want me to post a tutorial of ad making in mobile app.

Youtube Channel for Small Home Business
youtube Channel

Create Youtube Channel

Finally you can create a Youtube channel. Youtube channel is most challenging but most effective communication method in youtube. Challenging part is you need to create quality video on a regular basis. Positive side is you can build a loyal base here which will organically. Here is a guide how to create youtube channel and how can you become a youtuber.

Take your business to youtube because your business deserve to grow. Let me know your comment, feedback based on which I want to elaborate to hrow your small home business.

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