I am getting lot of queries to know whether youtube monetization available in Bangladesh or how to earn money from Youtube in Bangladesh.

Let’s answer this question…

I can read this question in two way and answer will be different for them.

  1. Is Youtube monetization available in Bangladesh?
  2. Is it possible to earn from Youtube in Bangladesh?
Youtube Monetization in Bangladesh

Answer of 1st question is “NO“. Youtube monetization is not available in Bangladesh. If you create a Youtube channel from Bangladesh and visit Youtube.com/features, you will find The Youtube Partner Program is currently not available in your country. So Youtube monetization is not in Bangladesh.

To answer 2nd question, lots of Bangladeshi youtuber is currently earning from the Youtube Partner Program. How? Because they didn’t set the country in Youtube as Bangladesh. They choose a country where Youtube partner program is available. This is how they are earning from Youtube Partner Program.

Here is your answer regarding Youtube monetization availability in Bangladesh. Write me in comment if you have further question.

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