In one of my previous posts, I shared reasons why do you need a website for your own blog or for your business.  Now you want to develop a website, but you do not have proper knowledge on HTML, SQL or PHP. I will NOT suggest you to take 6 months course to learn all these to make your website. I will suggest to make your website with free CMS (Contant Management System) and be stick to that for first 6 months. After six months, you will be a better decision maker to take decision whether you need to take any course or not.

I will not go in detail to teach you what is CMS (Content Management System).  If you google it, you will find better answer than my explanation.  But in short, its a software that allow you to make a website without without coding skill.

Advantage of WordPress 

  1. WordPress is Free
  2. Flexible
  3. No coding
  4. Biggest developer network
  5. Suitable from small to large site

Lets describe these advantage of WordPress in detail.

1. WordPress is FREE

In the web you will find thousands of content management system but none is as easy as WordPress is.  A huge community not only improvise the WordPress, they also  hep the user at free of cost. WordPress comes with an update almost every month to make it easy and secured. And you  are getting all  these at free of cost. Because WordPress is completely free. This is one of the biggest advantages of WordPress.   

2. Flexible

Creating content in WordPress is very easy and institutive.  It’s editor is as easy as any other typing software.  Beside formatting of text and paragraph,  you  can easily add media like picture in your post. Since it is open source, you will get thousands of free and paid theme to choose one for your site. Most of those themes are customizable.  This is an huge advantage of WordPress.  Moreover, you will thousands of plugin to use in your site.

3. No coding 

If you do not know HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL or any other programing language,  WordPress is the right solution for you. While you are using theme and plugins to make structure of your site, you just need to write some posts in a user friendly editor and add picture investing few clicks. Are you still confused about advantage of WordPress?    

4. Biggest developer network

As long as Content Management Sister (CMS)  is concern, WordPress has biggest developer Network.  And that Network work not only to make WordPress easy and secured,  but also to help you at free of cost. 

5. Suitable from small to large site

From a very tiny personal website to ecommerce, online store, news portal all you can develop in WordPress. WordPress is used by eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA. 

These are probably the biggest advantage of WordPress where there are hundred more to mention. So you can start installing WordPress in your server to make your site in few clicks. 

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