Want to start a youtube channel? Want to know what are the basic equipment needed to start a youtube channel? Here is the list of basic equipment for you to start youtube channel.

The list of equipment depands on the subject you choose for your youtube channel. I will try to give you the basic equipment list that needed to start a youtube channel. Before going into the equipment list, you can check here if your channel is properly created and ready for monetization.

Youtube is a great source of making money online. You have created your youtube channel. Now you need to make some good video and upload them in your youtube channel. I will suggest not to invest much to buy equipment at the beginning stage. You can start with equipment available at your hand. Once you start to earn from your channel, you can invest for equipment.

  1. Camera: First basic equipment to make your youtube video is camera. As the data speed is growing, it is required to make high quality video for your youtube channel. Do not record video bellow HD quality. Phones are getting smarter and no one will watch your low quality ( resolution)  video. If your smartphone can record HD quality video, you can use your smartphone to record video. Some smartphone can record even 4k video. 
    However DSLR gives pro quality video. Here is some good quality affordable camera that you can check out- Canon EOS 70D/80D, Canon Rebel, Canon GX 7, Canon powershot s120, Canon powershot N2, 
  2. Tripod: To hold your camera or phone, tripod is an important eqipment to make a youtube video. If you hold the camera on your hand then you may record video with lot of shake. Viewers will not enjoy watching your video. Basic equipment like Tripod will not only give steady video, it also helps in getting good motion video. Here is some tripod with different benefit.
  3. Light: Proper light is important for pro quality video. Proper light can be your sunlight. If you record your video in daylight, it is recommended to use sunlight. Try to get a proper place and position to get proper light from sun. But if you record in night or from a place where sunlight doesn’t come in, then you need to buy light. Many youtubers use following lights that you can check out.
  4. Microphone: People do not want to hear noisy voice. As soon as they realize the voice is not clear, visitors will move to another video. If your can ensure noise free room, you can record voice using in-built microphone of camera or mobile. Otherwise you need an external microphone.  Lets see what kind of microphone youtubers prefer –
  5. Video editor: You have recorded your video and voice. Next thing you need a video editor to work with those files. A user friendly video editor with enough editing and filtering tools helps to make a pro quality video.

Thousands of youtuber joining everyday and you have to compete with them to make money from youtube. Therefore you need to ensure quality content and you have to be active to get video views. These 5 basic equipment can help you to make quality video that is highly important to start a youtube channel. But identifying right subject and keyword is equally important to get loyal subscriber. Write me in comment if you need any more information.

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