A frequently asked question is how to make money online in Bangladesh. Making money online is easy at the same time a tough job. It is easy because you can use any of your skill and expertise to make money online. At the same time you have to give considerable time if you want to earn handsome amount from online. Here we I will describe different way to make money online.

You can make money online in Bangladesh from google in different way.

  • Write blog in free or your own site and run contextual advertisement. If any visitor click on the ad you will earn. You need to create an adsese account and create some ad in that account. Paste the ad code your site. This will allow google to run ad in your site.
  • Create an youtube channel and earn as Youtuber. You can work as youtuber and earn money from youtube. From your gmail id you can easily create a channel in youtube. You need to upload good quality content (do not upload others video, create your own) to get good number of view of the video. Integrate your adsense account and enable monitization to run ad on your content. If your visitor watch or click on the ad, you will earn. As per latest update, minimum 10 thousand lifetime view is required to earn from youtube. 

Cross promotion is a great technique to boost up your earning. Means, you can bring traffic to your blog from youtube channel and from blog to youtube. Also you can share content and video in social media to increase traffic.

You can also earn as affiliate marketer. Join in different affiliate program and start selling others product. Good thing about affiliate is you don’t have to produce any product. You can just promote other’s product and get commission from the sale.


Here is few but quit popular affiliate program that to start up. You will find lot more affiliate program in google search. My suggestion is not to jump in every affiliate program but to focus on few to get max return. Another suggestion for affiliate marketer is not to promote every product. Do not act like a sales person. Your intention should be to help your visitors. So promote only those products that you believe will help your visitor.

If you have skill and expertise in any area, you can earn as a freelancer. Create an account in online marketplace, make a good profile of you and start bidding for work. Here is some good job marketplace :


Once you start to work in this marketplace, employers start to rate your work. Better rating will help you to get better work next time. So try to give best service so that you get better rating.

You can make money online in Bangladesh selling product in online market place. You can sell-

  • Product that you produce
  • Others product as reseller
  • Old/usused product


You can make money online in Bangladesh in lot more different ways. Here I described few but most popular methods. End of the day you have to find your own way to make money online.

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