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Finding right keyword is important because it helps you to register your campaign in consumer’s mind and heart.

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The role of keyword is to facilitate your consumer to search your product easily in both online and offline space. Hence, your should do the necessary research to find the right keyword.

Your keyword should be-

  • Easy to read: otherwise audience may ignore that, specifically in non-audio media.
  • Easy to memories: If the word is hard to memorize then you need to ask yourself what is the purpose of the keyword
  • Easy to write: Specially for online search there is a possibility of spelling mistake if the word ia not easy to write
  • Relevant : Keyword should be relevant to your brand, product and service.
  • Contextual: It is not mandatory but contextual keyword support above points. moreover, it make the brand socially concious to the consumer.
  • Unique: Your keyword should not be too generous. Otherwise you will lost it in clutter, difficult to measure your success.

But how can you get the right keyword? Again you need to do necessary research. Few free tools are available that you can use. But to make it more relevant for your brand and product, you need to do some primary research.

7 Steps to find the right keyword:

  1. Make a list of keyword analyzing you product or campaign by yourself
  2. Do a small survey to find a list of keyword from your consumer about your upcoming product or campaign
  3. Make a 3rd list from these 2 list priorotizing those words which exist in both the list
  4. search those words in google and check what it suggest at the bottom of the page. Include in the list if you find anything relevant
  5. Now check popularity of each of these words in keyword planner under Adword module of Google.
  6. Then identify 5 to 10 words those are popular.
  7. Make a phrase of 2/3 words that make the keyword unique (not too generous), easy to read write and memories, go with your brand product and campaign, and in current context the word is relevant

That’s your keyword. Now build a story based on that keyword and communicate in all relevant media keeping the keyword unique. Interact with your consumer and follow that keyword or Hashtag. Start to count your success.


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