Facebook live is a new trend in social media that opened up a new way to engage with audiance. But it is important to prepare yourself before going live. Find bellow 21 tips that is important for a quality broadcast-

​1.    Do research to find a relevant, trendy topic that go with your personality

2. Analyse your TG and set a time to go live

3. Announce the time and topic well ahead to your audience

4. Ensure proper audio. If possible, use external audio device

5. Find a proper background. Try to minimize background and ambient noise. Ensure enough light on you.

6. Forward your calls to avoid distraction

7. Find a spot where internet connection is strong

8. Decide camera orientation. Vertical or horizontal?

9. Develop an outline of your discussion. Use bullet point

10. Decide whether to hold the phone yourself or use some type of mount or you want to delegate the job to a co-worker.

11. Do a practice video

12. Write a compelling description before going live

13. Go live for longer period of time to maximize reach. FB recommend minimum 10 minutes

14. Start by relaxing, and don’t forget to smile.

15. Introduce yourself and tell the audience what you plan to cover.

16. Encourage comments and other feedback.

17. Say hello to commenters by name and to respond to their comments

18. Give a signal before ending the broadcast

19. End your live video with a call to action and tell your audience a bit about your plans for the next video.

20. Change the thumbnail of your archived video, if necessary

21. Change the caption and encourage for comment and feedback

Going forward viewers will get more and more Facebook Live notification. Hence it will be challenging to build a loyal audiance group. Quality will lead in this area. So start focusing on quality and proper planning is critical to ensure the quality.

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