When everyone is running behind the top TRP program, smart player consider low TRP program in their media plan. Why they consider low trp program? What return they achieve from those program.

There are couple of reason for investing in low trp program:

Clutter free: Since everyone is running behind top trp program, there is a high possibility that your commercial will get lost in between good number of other communication. On the other hand, low trp programs are less cluttered. As a result presence of your communication will be bold there.

Quality of viewership: Top trp program’s commercial breaks are usually longer. So, audiance go into passive mode during break. As a result attention to the communication is low. In the other side low trp program’s breaks are short which keeps the attention of audience to the communication.

Relevance: Usually top trp programs are generic; doesn’t fit with any specific category. Whereas low trp programs are for niche. Audience of that program is very relevant for some products. Their purchase intention of that product is very high. Hence, it s worthy to spend even if the cprp is higher.

Low rate: Spot rate of low trp programs are usually low. Although it may look like the cprp of that program is higer, because of relevance it is worthy to spend in those programs.

Engagement: Usually it is difficult to create brand engagement in top trp program. But it is comparatively it ia easier in low trp program.

However, it is important to find the relevant program before investing in low trp program.

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