beauty of mountain

Nepal holds the beauty of mountain as it is surrounded by the biggest mountain of the world. Most of its economy is driven by Himalaya.

We leave Kathmandu at around 8 o’clock in the morning for Pokhara. There were huge traffic in Kathmandu due to lot of unfinished development works in the road. We reached to Manakamana cable car area at around 12pm. For the first time I intended to ride on this cable car and it was probably a wrong decision. Manakamana cable car opened on November 1998 and it is used to go to Manakamana temple. Speciality of thia tample is local people belive if you pray in here for any desire, it will be fulfilled. Hence, everyday hundreds of people go there through this cable car.

We were in the long que for around 3 hours to ride on the cable car. Its a 20 minutes ride to reach in the other part of the route. I thought the temple is situated on the top of a silent mountain but it actually not. A business hub has been created targeting the people coming to this temple. You will get some hotels there to stay. We have taken our lunch there and went to the temple. The temple is half broken due to recent earthquake. Then we had to stay in 2 hours que of cable car to return from the temple. So it took 5 hours for 40 minutes ride if cable car. It took another 3 hours to come to Pokhara from Monokamana and we could do nothing but taking dinner in that night.

NextSarangkot Sun raise day at 5:30am we went to Sarangkot to see the sun raise. I went there once in 2014 but that time weather was not clear and we couldn’t see the sun raise properly. This time sky was foggy too. But fortunately the sun raise was clear. First we have seen some light over right pick of Fishtail. Then the light on left peaks of fishtail. Lastly the light drop over fishtail. After few minutes we started to see Sun raise in the right side of the sky. It was amazing experience that no word or picture can describe. That is why a good number of tourists come to Nepal to experience the beauty of mountain.

City Visit:

Then we went back to hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, we went for half day city tour starting from 9am. We visited one temple, one artificial river, a cave and Devi’s fall. Devi’s fall is one significant spot you should visit. There you will see water fall from top and it has a history. If you browse wikipedia you will find that On 31 July 1961, a Swiss couple Davi went swimming but the woman drowned in a pit because of the overflow. Her body was recovered 3 days later in river Phusre with great effort. Her father wished to name it “Davi’s falls” after her. Its Nepali name is Patale Chango, which means “underworld waterfall”.

At evening we went to the river side to spend some good time. you can go for boating there or just sit around and read book. Other than enjoying beauty of mountain, you can visit those places which will make your trip enjoyable.

Next day we started for Nagarkot and it was a long journey (around 9 hours) as we came through by road. So we missed the sun set view of Nagarkat. But yoh should plan properly so that you can see the Sun set. we will try to cover that enjoying sun raise here. Hope we will be abke to enjoy mountain  fro. the top of the mountain.

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