social media help in seo for blogging

A big concern for blogger is how to improve SEO for blogging. Does social media help in SEO? Today I will share why social media is important for SEO and how it can help the blogger.

A blogging site is considered to be a Non-popular site until it has created a unique value to the audiance. It takes time to go to a stage when people will write your site URL in the address bar to visit your site. Then how to make the people find your site? There are couple of way that I will write in other article but today I want to discuss about SEO for blogging and specifically how social media help in SEO.

Although Search Engine doesn’t share the criteria that they follow to priorities a site or url in their Search Result Page(SRP), there are couple of techniques exist in the industry and bloggers are getting benefit of it. One of the reason of getting better postion in search result is the traffic itself. If your site is getting traffic, search engine will priorities your site. So you need some intial traffic. Here social media helps you in SEO for blogging.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, share the link of your great content in those account. Give a good caption of the post. Let your friends know from the caption that its your own article from your own blog. Your friends will value that and they will visit your site. Moreover, if they find the article great, probably they will share your post too. This is how you will get more traffic. Please note that privacy of this specific post’s should be open for all so that your friends of friend and others can see your post.

Another criteria of SEO is bounch rate. If people visit your site but leave within few second for not getting relevant content for them, your bounch rate will increase and search engine will remember that. Those who doesn’t know you will not give much time to judge your article. If they do not get the article relevant within few seconds of their visit, they will leave you. Your bounch rate will increase. But if someone from your social account visit the site, there is higher possibility that they will give higher time to read your article. This will decrease your average bounch rate. But keep in mind a great and unique content is important to decrease the bounch rate and this helps in SEO.

social-media-help-in-seoDespite the debate whether social media helps in SEO for blogging, Kissmetrics found that  social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings for brand names. When they searched “General Electric” in Google, the company’s Instagram and Pinterest profiles appeared as the 5th and 6th listings, respectively, and Twitter was the 8th result. So create your social account and regularly post your blog content in those account. If someone search you in search engine they will find you in your social account and visit your content.

Social media help you in different way bringing some initial traffic as well as getting you in search result. Hence, integrate your social media in blog

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