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Keyword is an important element in IMC. Audience memorizes only few words, not the whole communication of your campaign.

When an audience read or watches your advertisement, s/he actually scans the ad, create a picture of the ad in his/her mind and memorize one or two word(s) of the communication. Later s/he uses that word to search your product. Hence use of keyword is significant in consumer journey.

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The term “Keyword” is widely used for online search. But it is no way less important for offline communication. To search your product in superstore or any other POS, use of keyword is similar like online search. Consumer can communicate only one or two words from your communication to the sales person to find your product.

Hence you need to help your consumer to memorize the right word to find your product easily.  That you can do giving enough priority to the keyword in your integrated marketing communication (IMC). How-

  1. Identify the right word as your keyword
  2. Highlight that word in each and every communication channel including customer care, sells and POSM.
  3. Educate/enable your workforce to response against that word

Step 1: It is damn important to find the right word which is relevant for your campaign, easy to read, easy to write, easy to memorize but not too generous. Therefore a proper research is important before selecting the keyword for your campaign.

Step 2: Highlight the keyword in all form of communication from the label of your product to video/audio ad, static ad, one2one communication or any other communication. So you need to find the right place of your communication to highlight that word to gain maximum attention, at the same time to relate with whole story of the communication.

Step 3: Now you have a right word for your campaign and consumer is getting the right word from your communication. But this whole effort will be wastage if your sales force is not aware about that keyword or your search engine doesn’t feature your website against that word. So you need to educate or enable your workforce to response against that keyword.

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